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Filler: "Who's YOUR Daddy?" or "The Chicken and the Eggman"

Filler: "Who's YOUR Daddy?" or "The Chicken and the Eggman"


Zak and Zoom's Zany Life

Two hedgehog brothers, who are as different as day and night, move away from the city life to live in a smelly old house in the middle of a little town, aptly-named Paucity. There, they plan to live a normal, quiet life. Zak, who is older than he looks, is the mannerly type who tries to be logical yet friendly, and loves to go on adventures. His brother Zoom, on the other hand, is an emotional, cantankerous, sarcastic little soul that's so sour, he could make lemons green with envy. He's not well-trained in etiquette or tidiness, and he's very lethargic to boot. But can the two bipolar brothers live together without driving each other CRAZY??? Is there more to this town than meets the eye? What new friends (or foes) will they make? What precarious predicaments lie ahead?! Well, don't just stand there! Start reading and find out!!! _____________________________________ UPDATES: Saturdays. Maybe. >_> (...I'M NOT DEAD!)


**Comic coming soon! (FOR REAL!)**

Okay, I know that I haven't updated in a while, but so many things have happened. First, I'd like to mourn the loss of a friend. I don't wish to say her name here, but I wish that I knew her better. My condolences to her relatives.

Second, I'd like to ask Neko_Neko_Diamata if I can use her character, Gaia, as a main character. I'll accept her silence as a yes.

Third, I've been busy thinking of so many comic ideas that I've never been able to bring them fruition. Plus, although I have the rest of the "Jammies" story arch planned out, I still need to customize some sprites and backgrounds. I might have a spriting contest for some characters if things get too challenging for me.

Fourth, I'm currently making a fighting comic. Please PM me for more info.

I'll try and continue the comic sometime in April. So you then!

PS, Subscribe to the RSS feed for updates!!!

Posted by Kirbysmith [DJ] @ March 23rd, 2012, 3:09 pm
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Stop Internet Censorship TODAY!!!

Click here to find out more about SOPA and PIPA, and find out how they'll take away our freedom on the Internet:

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Thank you.

Posted by Kirbysmith [DJ] @ January 18th, 2012, 8:55 am
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Thank you, Murphy. Where would I be without you?~

I think my sense of humor is dying on me, I'm lazier than a brown bear in winter, I have the attention span of a bluebottle, school has been utterly youknowwhat, and to top it all off, my mentor banned me from working on this comic for two weeks, even thought I did little to no work on it during my hiatus!

You know, it's probably safe to say that it's going to be a while till my next update.

As for the April Fools and Easter comics I promised you, they'll be postponed until next year. As for the 4th of July, who knows. Maybe I'll just shoot myself.... out of a cannon. (See? That's how lame my wit is.)

Anyway, check out my gallery. It's what I've been wasting my time on, so enjoy it.

Have a good day!
(I know I won't.)

Posted by Kirbysmith [DJ] @ May 4th, 2011, 2:56 pm
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